Standing up for Israel

This year, Purim falls on March 4th-5th. It’s a day of
celebration commemorating Queen Esther’s faith and courage and
the deliverance of the Jewish People from the destructive hands of
Haman, who plotted their annihilation.

Esther called her people to fast. The Jewish People were in danger,
and Esther took a serious and enormous risk to obtain favor and stop
the plot against them. She had the courage to step out of royal
protocol in order to get attention. She had good reason.

There is a startling similarity between Esther’s brave pursuit
and what will happen here in the United States on March 3rd, the very
day of the Esther Fast this year. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu is scheduled to speak to Congress. This is the speech that
is causing controversy all the way from the White House to Israel
because it wasn’t set up “according to protocol.”

And yet, the Prime Minister is determined to speak up on behalf of his
country regarding the deadly threat of Iran’s nuclear powers,
not only to his nation and people, but to the world.